Getting back into the blogging habit can be tough.

Getting back into the blogging habit can be tough.

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     There used to be a time when blogging was a part of my daily routine. I miss that. It’s fairly obvious, but time spent on social media isn’t really a replacement for good old fashioned writing. As Facebook has become more toxic, I’ve found myself doing two things: fleeing to “nicer” services like Instagram, where interaction is more limited, and carefully curating my Facebook despite my page there not being publicly accessible.

     Instagram was something I’ve had for years but never got into. I used to feel that it was gimmicky, and the proliferation of new social networks started to wear down on me. There was a point where I was highly invested in social media aggregators like, but maintaining workable access as individual sites updated themselves over time itself became a drag. 

     Facebook is a little more complicated. It’s the site where most of the people from my generation maintain a web presence. It’s also become a stressor in my life. I’ve had some great interactions on Facebook, and I’ve reconnected with a bunch of people I would likely have never seen again. As soon as I arrived in the Bay, I immediately connected with friends in the area and they were really great with helping me adjust to my new surroundings and life. Although it sounds sad, I also learned, through Facebook, that a couple of friends I was close to in college but later lost touch with had died. I was then able to forward some photos of one of my deceased friends to her parents, who were greatly appreciative. It’s little things like that that I like about Facebook.

    Facebook has also become the place where people I only casually know come to my page to humblebrag, or worse. I was recently informed by a Facebook friend that apparently “all my old friends” think I’ve lost my mind, and that I’ve been radicalized by the liberals in San Francisco. (A bold claim being that we have maybe half a dozen mutual friends out of the 1100+ in my list.) Apparently they’ve only seen the pictures that I posted, but not read anything past that. Hence, my posting a photo of my friend Bruce leading the Pride parade (go Bruce!) must means that despite the camera angle, I must have been marching in the parade. Not that there would be anything wrong with that if I did, but still, how scandalous. I have, in face, attended a march in person. It was the Women’s March in San Francisco on January 21st, and I did it in solidarity with my girlfriend who couldn’t attend because she was studying in another state. A month later, Facebook recommended her allegedly disabled profile to a mutual friend of ours, and that’s how I discovered she had another boyfriend she was with at the same time I was marching through San Francisco in support of her. Like I said, Facebook is complicated.

    So I’m back blogging – sort of. I think this blog is going to remain my personal blog, with a bit of car nerd stuff mixed in. I have another blog set up for my coding adventures, but this blog – my original online home – has no specific intended audience. It’s for myself only, but if someone bothers to read it, then that’s okay. Anyone reading my blog has to come here on purpose. My posts doesn’t get fed to anyone through a feed. I think that’s best for everyone.

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